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I had a previous setup instance of Gitorious running in http (port 80), everything was working just fine. one day I decided to enable https (443) and permanently disable http (80).  The certificates were created, apache was configured accordingly and everything was working fine... or so I thought...


The first sign of something not working was after updating some of my code and attempting a push to the git repo. The message I got back read:


== Gitorious: ==========================================================
Temporary error. Please try again shortly

fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly


I prepared some funky regular expressions and headed over to Google, trying to find some answers. What I found is that my case was very particular and that due to server settings, network and some NATting + dynamic DNS the issue pointed to be a resolution hostname and port.

I updated the port and name configuration in the gitorious.yml file to match my latest setup (https), however, I still kept getting the same error message while attempting a git push.


Here the fixes that I had to integrate to my existing standard setup:

  1. Needed to update the port number back to 80
  2. Enabled http only for localhost
  3. Configured apache to bind port 80 on interface
  4. Updated gitorious_client_host to localhost


After this change I restarted apache and voila! the problem while attempting to update the repository was gone!

My code is now happily resting on the master git repository.