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Are you annoyed by the recent Firefox updates that do a search instead of actually loading the web page when you type a non fully qualified domain (FQDN) in the location bar?

Usually the browser will show the search of the term and in the top the legend "Did you mean to go" and then whatever you typed.


This is a security breach and a privacy invasion from Google. It seems like this is a feature for "lazy" people which not only cannot search from the "search bar" but attempt to justify their lazyness by typing a search in the location bar.


Personally,  I think this should be disabled on any corporate network by default, since it will allow Google to 'guess' internal structure of networks exposing very important information or even intelectual property.


Enough said! In order to disable this nonsense feature all you need to do is:


- Open a new tab

- Type 'about:config'

- Search for 'keyword.enabled'

- Double click on it to set it to false


Now you should be able to go back to use your short hostnames without google knowing about them.