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Amazon products:

  • Nooelec Dual-Band NESDR Nano 2 ADS-B (978MHz UAT & 1090MHz 1090ES) Bundle for Stratux, Avare, Foreflight, FlightAware & Other ADS-B Software Applications. Includes 2 SDRs, 4 Antennas & 5 Adapters:
  • Stratux ADS-B Dual Band Receiver Aviation Weather and Traffic - Internal WAAS GPS, AHRS, Battery Pack, Suction Mount, Antennas, SDR:
  • FlightAware Pro Stick USB ADS-B Receiver:
  • Garmin GDL 52 Portable SiriusXM/ADS-B Receiver:


Discover Mode-S and ADS-B. is a place where Mode-S and ADS-B stuff are explained. Everything here is open-source. Starting with an on-line decoding book (The 1090Mhz Riddle) and a Python decoder library (pyModeS)!