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Last weekend I went to beautiful Lake Hodges to enjoy a mountain bike ride in the north side of the lake, you'll find there are amazing views and relaxing sceneries, however if you get out of the dirt path, you're prone to get a flat tire, even if you are using thron-resistant tubes.

That's exactly what happened to me, I was going through the single track and 2 bikers were coming in the opposite direction, I had to step into what it looked like a small patch of grass, however I immediatelly noticed my back tire going flat, wait whaaat!? "I'm using anti-thron tubes" I though, go figure!

Forntunately for me I always carry two small bottles of 2oz with slime tube repair sealant. 

I turn the bike wheels up and removed the tire... It was full of thorns! Not only that, but the size of the spikes were large enough to go deep into the tube, so now I had about 20+ holes in the tube. I brace myself for whatever was going to come next, my only hope was the use of the slime tube repair sealant..

I removed the air valve  stem and poure the slime from one of the 2oz bottles into the tube, then replaced the air valve stema back and pumped some air.

I rotated the tire a few times and noticed the small drops of green slime showing up the tube, and it only took 1 minute to stop bleeding.

I made sure that I removed all the thorns from the inside of the tire and put it back into the wheel. Pumped air up to 50psi and voila! flat was fixed!

If you're going out to bike ride this is something that you should definitely carry with you.