• In every software development project adhering to coding standards is a must (even if the code will be read and used by a single author). Python is not the exception, there are coding guidelines that cover all the relevant pieces, and those are all included in the Python Enhancement Proposal 8

    Sometimes is hard to keep track of all those guidelines, and to help with this, a Python tool called Pylint has been developed.

    This article will guide you step-by-step on how to configure Pylint in the Eclipse IDE in order to do auto-formatting and inspect your code for continuous improvement.

  • I've integrated my work environment around Eclipse while developing with multiple programming languages. Python is not the exception.

    This time I've created a small tutorial on how to setup the Eclipse IDE to support Python, Git and Attlassian JIRA for ticket associated to code features and bugfixes.

    The following instructions have been validated using the latest (at the moment of this writing) version of Eclipse Oxygen 4.7.2