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Agile Fundamentals

  1. Deliver Value every week
    1.1. Break big problems into smaller ones.
    1.2. Focus on the important stuff and don't pay attention to nothing else.
    1.3. Make sure whatever you're delivering works.
    1.4. Look for feedback.
    1.5. Change course when needed (Adapt)
    1.6. Become accountable: Quality, schedule, expectations, budget.

  2. How does Agile planning works?
    2.1. Master story - Project To-Do list
    2.2. User stories - High level features
    2.3. Iterate - Take features and plan on development, testing and delivery on a one or two week basis.
    2.4. Team Velocity - How fast the team can take on work per iteration.
    2.5. Understanding your Team Velocity will keep schedule plans honest reducing over-commitment.
    2.6. Flexibility based on work load keeps the plan balanced and commitments real.
    2.7. Adaptive Planning - Be prepare to change the plan if reality changed.

  3. When something is Done?
    3.1. Done means Done!
    3.2. Do everything that is necessary to produce shippable code.
    3.3. Break user stories into sub tasks: Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing.

  4. There are Three Simple Truths
    4.1. Not all requirements are available at the beginning of a project.
    4.2. Requirements most likely DO change .
    4.3. Time and Money will allow to DO less than we want to - Prioritize.

  5. There is not only ONE method
    5.1. Crystal
    5.2. Lean
    5.3. Kanban
    5.4. Scrum
    5.5. Extreme Programming (XP)
    5.6. Your own!