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Eclipse JIRA Configuration:

  1. Select Window->Show View->Other.
  2. Select Mylyn->Task Repositories. click "Open" button.
  3. Once the view opens, select the icon to "Add Task Repository".
  4. Select "JIRA (supports 5.0 and later)" in the Add Task Repository op-up and click "Next".
  5. Enter the URL information of your JIRA server:

       Server: https://your.jira.server/jira

       Label: JIRA

       User ID: <Your JIRA username>

       Password: <Your JIRA password>

  6. Click "Validate Settings" button.

    If an error about possible use of captcha show up, you need to login into JIRA, go to your profile and click on "Reset Failed Login Count".
    Go back and try again to click on "Validate Settings".

  7. Select "Keep current location" on the Select repository location pop-up.
  8. Click "OK" button.
  9. Click "Finish" button.
  10. On the Task Repositories view, Right-Click on "JIRA" and select "New Query".
  11. Wait for Eclipse to load the existing configuration from your JIRA profile.
  12. Select "Predefined filter for selected project".
  13. On the options below search and select an existing query.
  14. On the options to the right pane select "Assigned to me"
  15. Click "Finish" button.
  16. Wait for Eclipse to sync all the JIRAS.
  17. Select Window->Show View->Other.
  18. Select Mylyn->Task List and click "Open".